LilKool Solo Exhibition - Flatcolor Gallery Seattle - March 6th 2014

LilKool Solo Exhibition - Flatcolor Gallery Seattle - March 6th 2014


Flatcolor Gallery welcomes Brooklyn, NY artist lilKool to Seattle for his solo exhibition
Opening March 6th from 5-9PM.

Fresh off the internet, lilKool's oddball characters and bold compositions are taking center stage this March at Flatcolor Gallery.  Fans of 70's animation and psychedelic comic art are sure to find something to like in the first exhibition of lilKool's work on the west coast. 

"Once we saw lilKool's seizure inducing animated gifs and boldly irreverent characters, we knew this was a show we had to do." says gallery owner Cris Cook.

Lilkool's brightly colored compositions are a humorous and grotesquely comical reflection of pop culture, beauty and art.  Showing at Flatcolor Gallery March 6th through March 29th.

About lilKool
LilKool was born in 1985 on the suburban streets of Dallas, Texas. One day, while watching cow patties change colors, lilKool discovered the internet.

He could get free music, programs and find other folks to chill hard by the corral, but he also saw how pop culture was brainwashing people. Since he "didn't want to become Lady Gaga," he was forced to making paintings. He's painted many things like doodles, murals and cows.

LilKool decided to move to the big city and has been doing visual art in New York since 2005. Lilkool lives in Brooklyn, proud to be part cowboy, part wigger but over all gentleman boy! He is considered a internet artist that makes art in real life.


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