“Strange Waves”A Psychedelic Group Exhibition“Strange Waves”... | Flatcolor Gallery

“Strange Waves”A Psychedelic Group Exhibition“Strange Waves”...

“Strange Waves”

A Psychedelic Group Exhibition

“Strange Waves” features artwork spanning the gamut of psychedelic experiences from alternate realities and out of body experiences to lucid dream states and vivid hallucinations.

Take a trip through the unique perspectives and bizarre visions of some of our favorite mind-altering artists in this group exhibition by Flatcolor, the gallery who first took you through the vortex with “Round Trip” back in August 2011. Sit back, relax and ride the Strange Waves into another consciousness.


Bruce Bickford
Oliver Hibert
Isis Fisher
Jacqueline Denton
Hunter Stabler
Hannah Stouffer
Adam Mckenzie
Nicole Linde
Jose Di Gregorio
Scott Greenwalt
Spencer Hibert
Jorge Gutierrez
Carl Krull

through September 26th

Flatcolor Gallery

77 S. Main St.

Seattle, WA 98104