Stacy Lovejoy “The Radiant Thread” Opening February 4th, 2016... | Flatcolor Gallery

Stacy Lovejoy “The Radiant Thread” Opening February 4th, 2016...

Stacy Lovejoy “The Radiant Thread” Opening February 4th, 2016 5-9PM through Feb. 20th

About Stacy Lovejoy

Stacy Lovejoy is a mixed media artist, futurist, transformer who is traveling between parallel Universes and making a connection with humanity telling real stories through whimsical shapes, unique color combinations, and her impressions that she uses in her artwork. She creates paintings and sculptures while playing, without predetermining which art materials to use and what it will look like at the end.

Artist Statement

Creating art takes me back to my childhood - that time when you admire water drops which sparkle in a sunny ray; seek funny characters in a rug; giggle over your puddle reflection and smile when a gentle wind tickles your cheeks. A time when you are happy-go-lucky, sensitive, almighty, and sometimes naive, but always genuine. I am an eternal child and art allows me to maintain this state of being. I love to be in nature - to hug trees, absorb astonishing color combinations with my fibers, to examine bird coloration, membrane of leaves, which is full of moisture… I relish a beauty of a fruit pulp, a whisper of ocean sand, scents of forest… I’m a part of nature - Its disciple and the art tool. Every time I examine my finished art works, I am pleasantly surprised that they were created by me! ‘The Radiant Thread,’ tells a story about an engrossing journey to my subconscious to find my mission on Earth. During the whole journey, I watched myself from the sidelines, immersed in my memories, and explored dreams. This experience has taught me to always follow my heart, think abstractedly and to discover the wonder in everything. Today, you can see the artworks which symbolize my points and discoveries that made me closer to a thread of sense. The radiant thread, which I’ve finally distinctly seen.

About ‘The Radiant Thread’

In the long journey to the highest point of my dream, which is full of freshly picked blueberries, I’ve got plenty of juicy stories to tell… each of them a flake of the whole puzzle.
The flakes, which have particular weight, spirit and frequency are traveling everywhere; hiding behind transparent leaves. They are waiting to be discovered… absolutely everybody can see them, but sometimes it can be difficult for a person who observes from a fictional carob tree.
I was literally stalking them in a boundless flow, sketching their reflections in my journal of unique experiences and arranging them in different ways. They pulse like ripe berries and inspire gently to abandon the island of comfort, to explore new worlds, to become spontaneous, boundless and unsubstantial. I felt that moment when they embraced my heart… the moment when I’ve seen THE RADIANT THREAD, which merged them all in the huge field of immortal expression.