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JULY 7TH, 2016 5-9PM

“You are cordially invited to participate in an experimental LSD fueled art show that journeys into the inner and outer realms of my head.

Experience the beauty, ugliness, death and life through my eyes as my paintings and drawings look back into yours.

Come take a trip with me into my Technicolor Nightmare.”

-Oliver Hibert            

Join Flatcolor in welcoming Oliver Hibert to Seattle for his first solo exhibition at Flatcolor Gallery. Hibert’s psychedelic colors explode off the canvas in his experimental new works for Technicolor Nightmare. Witness the mind-bending, vibrant manifestation of Hibert’s flat, neon-colored signature style as it enters new abstract realms.

Oliver Hibert will be in attendance during our opening event for First Thursday Artwalk July 7th 5-9PM.

The exhibition will run through July 30th.

About Oliver Hibert

Oliver Hibert was born in Seattle, Washington in 1983.

Eye catching, colorful, bold, fantastic, surreal and at most times psychedelic is how many describe Oliver Hibert’s style of artwork and Paintings. Hibert’s iconic style almost transcends time as it nods to the past, while being so contemporized that it speaks to the future. The art is smothered with busy patterns, alluring figures, super bright colors and plenty of exclamation marks. Hibert’s particular and unique style of fine art has caught the attention of numerous publications, retail stores, galleries and museums from around the globe. Hibert also prides himself as an illustrator / designer and has worked with many top-notch and commercial clients ranging from Nike to The Flaming Lips.  Hibert’s vivid and colorific designs can be recognized on album covers, rock posters, music videos, skateboards, magazine covers, editorials, shoes, clothing, and vinyl toys. Most recently, Hibert has designed a full tarot deck and Magical Oracle Board.

Oliver Hibert describes his art as an escape from the mundane, influenced by music, colors, death, life, beauty, ugliness, cartoons, drugs, sex, mystery and magic.

Currently, Oliver Hibert works and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona on his desert farm of cacti and one thousand peacocks.

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Happy New Year from Flatcolor! We are back open for 2015....

Happy New Year from Flatcolor! We are back open for 2015. #collectandreflect runs through January 17th

Timothy Karpinski
“Chamber of Reflections”
Acrylic on paper on wood panel
24" x 18"

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