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Flatcolor Gallery 77 S. Main St. Seattle, WA 98104

Flatcolor Gallery welcomes brothers Matthew Zaremba and Nick Zaremba  to the gallery September 1st, 2016 5-9pm.

The exhibition will run through September 30th.

Artist’s Statement

“This series of illustrations is based on a sequence of events that unfolded in my life. A falling anvil, typically only seen in old cartoons, is a visual shorthand for some sort of sudden doom. In its animated context, the gag is humorous because of its absurdity. You don’t often see an Acme anvil being pushed off a cliff onto an unsuspecting villainous coyote after all. Outside of the television, in our reality, anvils are falling every minute in the form of life-altering outcomes. A breakup. A mistake. A regret. A death. These are moments that we can’t simply wobble away from with a bump on the head and stars in our eyes. They stick with us, and change our perspective, for better or for worse. They are moments that we will replay in our minds over and over. We labor over the details. The before. The after. We lose ourselves in the delusion of should-have, would-have, could-haves. If only we had done such-and-such. If only we had said so-and-so. Stuck on a thought. Stuck in a moment. My anvil was the death of my father. It hit me on a beautiful, unseasonably warm morning in late May. Not a cloud in the sky. Not a worry in the world. Crushed. How long had I been distracted? How often did I lose touch with the things that mattered most? What was our last conversation? I still have so much to say. This is a reflection. A recollection. A preservation of every shared moment, both mundane and extraordinary. This is the void. The desperate search for answers. Reality. This is not goodbye. This is rebirth, and connection of a new kind. This is healing. This is beautiful. I look up and there’s a clear blue sky. You are all I see.”
- Matthew Zaremba, September 2016

About Matthew Zaremba
Matthew Zaremba is a published artist and writer living and creating in Boston, MA.
Zaremba’s work examines the human condition through his own observations of (and experiences with) the idiosyncrasies of relationships, society, technology, and the mind.
His work has been featured by Vans, NPR, Playboy, Huffington Post, Believer Magazine, and more.

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Matthew Zaremba “Falling Anvil, Clear Blue Sky” opens First...

Matthew Zaremba “Falling Anvil, Clear Blue Sky” opens First Thursday Sept. 1st 5-9pm in the downstairs gallery

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