Lindsay Stripling "Ouroboros" June 2nd, 2016 | Flatcolor Gallery

Lindsay Stripling "Ouroboros" June 2nd, 2016

Lindsay Stripling
Thursday June 2nd, 2016 5-9PM

Flatcolor Gallery welcomes Lindsay Stripling to Seattle for her exhibition at Flatcolor Gallery entitled "Ouroboros" opening June 2nd, 2016 5-9PM as part of the Pioneer Square First Thursday Artwalk.
Flatcolor will also feature Catherine Casias "Act VII A Dream Play" in the upstairs gallery June 2nd, 2016 5-9PM.

Lindsay Stripling is an artist who works with an emphasis on memory, dream and that feeling between sleeping and awake-ness. She is interested in fragmentation, and the moment that our experiences form themselves into lore and legend. In her current body of work, Lindsay is trying to figure out ways to deconstruct narrative. By leading us through a landscape littered with characters that lead us through a story with no beginning, middle or end she is hoping to pull apart our classic understandings of space and the way that time moves through it.
About Lindsay Stripling
Lindsay Stripling was born in Berkeley and currently resides in San Francisco. She studied black and white photography at UC Santa Cruz and painting at San Francisco Art Institute. Outside of her personal and commissioned painting practice Lindsay teaches adult art education at many venues in the Bay Area.

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