Lucas Allen Cook "Through Fog, In Darkness" Solo Exhibition two day ev | Flatcolor Gallery

Lucas Allen Cook "Through Fog, In Darkness" Solo Exhibition two day event

Lucas Allen Cook
"Through Fog, In Darkness"
Solo Exhibition

Opening October 28th, 2016 5-9PM
And October 29th, 2016 12-6PM

Flatcolor Gallery presents our final show at our current location - Lucas Allen Cook "Through Fog, In Darkness" for a special two day opening event.

After October 29th Flatcolor Gallery will be closing its current location at 77 S. Main St. and will continue online at

The artist will be in attendance and refreshments will be served on both days.


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About "Through Fog, In Darkness"

Subtle, dark figures and ubiquitous, ghostly beings linger alone and haunt psychedelic, abstract landscapes. Lucas Allen Cook’s cloaked beings, ethereal spirits and creatures return in this body of work; rendered more realistically than their previous manifestations.
Some compositions are so painfully dark and devoid of life that your mind begins forming images on its own. Some, blanketed in desaturated fog and gray mist, leave you searching for the subtle forms reemerging from them. While others are soaked in luminous hues, colorful patterns and conjured visions of other planets and dimensions.

"This body of work is about feeling empowered by solitude and having comfort in the darkness; not being afraid to be alone and feeling a oneness with the natural world. Getting lost in the foggy dark dense forest or caves of inner earth; while staring up into the endless abyss of stars in the sky and beyond. Exploring perception of the world around you, as well as the one in your mind. Creating your own reality and realizing that the fantasy worlds in your subconscious are sometimes just as important or real as the physical realm we experience every day. In our modern world of technological over-connectivity, flocking with the masses and homogenized trends, it's important to look inward and find your own path and not be pulled into the tides of the crowds that surround you."

-Lucas Allen Cook

The exhibition will also feature works of ink on paper compiled into a zine entitled "Book of Blood" in the independently published book series DARKTRIPZ. Accompanied by a cave-like installation piece that you can peer into and view psychedelic, strobing animations while being enveloped in fog and projected motion graphics.

About Lucas Allen Cook

Lucas’ work is inspired by nature and the cosmic, where the terrestrial and the universe meet and blend into psychedelic abstraction. With his recent work Lucas has exposed the viewer to hallucinatory landscapes and themes that explore the vastness and connectedness of the world around us. Ethereal cloud formations give way to monolithic peaks. Dark nebulae writhe in the cosmic expanse. Diamond vortexes connect the terrestrial to the beyond in beams of energy. Otherworldly mountain ranges shrouded in the mist of ancient forests. Finding solitude in his imagination and leaving the modern world behind, Lucas often conjures misanthropic visions of lush natural worlds devoid of human existence and the destruction they leave behind. Dreaming of places man has yet to set foot in and destroy for “progress.” His primary medium, spraypaint, is a medium from the modern world that is looked at as destruction when applied to the structures of our cityscapes – the true destructive creations Lucas believes.