Michael W. Hall - "I'll Be Home Soon" - Solo Exhibition | Flatcolor Gallery

Michael W. Hall - "I'll Be Home Soon" - Solo Exhibition

Michael W. Hall  "I'll Be Home Soon"
Opening Thursday August 4th, 2016 5-9PM

Flatcolor Gallery 77 S. Main St. Seattle, WA 98104


"I'll Be Home Soon"
"I'll Be Home Soon" is Michael W. Hall's second attempt at having a solo show at Flatcolor Gallery, after his scheduled opening in February of this year had to be postponed due to a severe car accident en route to Seattle from his home near Austin, TX.  Hall has been crisscrossing the country for much of his life on freight trains and back highway road trips.  His obsessive interest in the exploration of less traveled pathways has a huge influence on his abstract painting style.

He paints predominantly in gouache and watercolor, using geometric designs to suggest glimpses from the shadows and obscured views into other worlds.  Hall's abstract imagery gives the feeling of trails, narrow openings, and beams of light in the dark; views seen through fences, from under bridges, and tucked tightly out of sight on rolling boxcars.  But while he previously espoused only the romance of directionlessly hitting the road, there's now also an appreciation not just for the trip, but equally for the destination, for surviving the adventure and making it home with all his limbs still attached.

About Michael W. Hall
Michael W. Hall's work has been shown in New York, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, San Jose, Birmingham, and elsewhere throughout the US.  This is his first show in Seattle.

In addition to painting and chasing trains, Hall was one half of the experimental psychedelic music duo, Ospreys, touring extensively from 2005-2009, designing and screen printing tour posters and self releasing a handful of small-run CD's with home-printed covers. He has written about his experiences riding freight trains over the last 14 years for Faded Glory magazine, and for the French book about North American boxcar art, Outside the Box. In 1999, Hall co-founded the Lost Film Fest, a nomadic punk-oriented film festival which continues to travel the world to this day.  

Michael W. Hall was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.  He lived in Philadelphia for thirteen years before relocating to Texas in 2012.

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