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Mark Warren Jacques "Looking at you, Looking at me"


"Looking at You - Looking at Me"
New paintings by
Mark Warren Jacques

June 4th-June 27th 2015
Opening reception June 4th, 2015 5-9pm

77 S. Main Street. Seattle, WA 98104

Flatcolor Gallery welcomes back Mark Warren Jacques for a solo exhibition entitled "Looking at You - Looking at Me".

Mark Warren Jacques compositions combine bold geometric color fields with more organic elements executed in detailed line and brush work.  Jacques' rich patterns and vibrating colors draw in the observer as finely crafted details become apparent upon closer examination. Vast, endless seascapes expertly rendered against radiating geometric backdrops capture emotions of place and memory colliding with the immense magnitude of the infinite.

Join Flatcolor and Mark Warren Jacques during the Pioneer Square First Thursday Artwalk June 4th, 5-9PM for this exhibition of new works.

Artist's Statement:
There is a strange and beautiful thing that happens every now and then when I am looking around at the world that I find myself in. Sometimes, at what always seems to be just the right moment, I find that the world is looking back at me. Often in the form of another human being, (always in the case of my three year old son) but occasionally in the form of the universe as a whole, or that is to say everything I can perceive or understand in any way, shape or form. What I mean to say is - sometimes I look into the night sky, or out across the water at sunset and I can not help but feel as though "it" is looking right back at me, reciprocating the feelings that I know as "myself". Call this "it" God, or call "it" Nature, or call "it" whatever you like, but that feeling, that reciprocation, seems to be our most rewarding connection to life. "It" is the driving force in my desire to remain alive and to keep pushing forward. These pictures are a manifestation of that push, and that awareness that I so desire to see all the time.

-Mark Warren Jacques

About Mark Warren Jacques
Mark Warren Jacques born 1984, studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design and is currently based in Ohio. The artist has exhibited nationally with solo shows at San Francisco’s White Walls, Breeze Block Gallery in Oregon, Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle and YES Gallery in Cincinnati, and has featured work internationally in Australia, Barcelona and Canada as well. He has been featured in the art publications Arrested Motion, Portland Mercury, Death Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, Artbox, D Magazine and Hi-Fructose. 

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