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Vic20 "Hooked on a Feeling"


Flatcolor Gallery presents a solo exhibition from Bay Area Graffiti icon Vic20 “Hooked on a Feeling”

Opening July 3rd, 2014 5-9PM, “Hooked on a Feeling” marks Vic20’s first solo exhibition. Transforming his notoriety in the graffiti world to works on canvases and paper in the gallery.

From vignettes of his graffiti throw-up lettering to witty remarks spouted from his colorful cast of characters; Vic20 bursts onto the art scene with the same notorious bravado that earned him his reputation in the graffiti scene up and down the West Coast.

Here’s more about Vic20 from Barry McGee.

“It comes with great pleasure to introduce the visual artworks of Vic20 (aka Daood abu Jacoob) I have had the pleasure of knowing Daood for well over 25 years, an arc of time spanning from our lawless youth to our more mature and docile tea drinking years. I hold him and his work as the truth and the gospel. He is the wittiest man to hold a spray can to a decrepit flaking cement wall. He has been there for me always and for so many around me. He is a huge layer of so many people's foundation. It is an honor to call Vic20 a dear friend and fellow artist.”

-Barry McGee

Vic20 unleashes his characters and letter styles on the walls of Flatcolor Gallery July 3rd.
The exhibition will coincide with a mural painted by the artist at the Flatcolor Gallery mural wall in Pioneer Square.

The exhibition will run through July 31st.

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