Pars - Returning Solo Exhibition | Flatcolor Gallery

Pars - Returning Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception December 5th, 5-9PM.

December 5th - 22nd, 2013 at Flatcolor Gallery.


“Returning” marks PARS’s first solo exhibition since 2011 and represents his evolution beyond previous figurative works. Pars has opened up his psychedelic world - exposing the viewer to bizarre new landscapes and themes that explore the vastness and connectedness of our universe.

Cloud formations give way to monolithic peaks. Dark nebulas writhe in the cosmic expanse. Diamond vortexes connect the terrestrial to the beyond in beams of energy and morph them into abstraction.


This exhibition marks a progression in PARS's technique; using stencils and multiple layers of spray enamel to create his imagery. His patterns are becoming more varied and complex, colors brighter and more surreal.


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